Opening Week Workshops and Discussions

What is a Doula? Tuesday, July 7 // 7 to 8 PM // with Emily Detloff and Heather Dolimont

Have you heard a bit about doulas and wondered if you could benefit from one? Join doulas Heather Dolimont and Emily Dettloff to learn all about birth and post-partum doulas and how they can enrich your birthing and post-natal experience. REGISTER ONLINE

Natural Birth: Wednesday, July 8 // 7 to 8 PM // with Emily Detloff and Heather Dolimont

Everyone seems to be talking about natural birth and the benefits it can have for mom and baby, but what does it actually mean to have a “natural” birth? Join doulas Emily Dettloff and Heather Dolimont for a discussion about what it looks like to make more natural childbirth choices. Also hear from local mom Meghan Cox about her own experiences with natural birthing. REGISTER ONLINE

When she became pregnant with her first child, Meghan Cox sought the care of a midwife based on the positive stories shared by a friend who witnessed midwife-assisted births during her time as a nursing student. She and her husband Chris didn’t originally plan to have a home birth, but the guidance and support they received from their team of caring and capable midwives gave them the courage to make home birth an option. And they are so glad they did. Both of their two children were welcomed into the world in the comfort of their own home. Meghan will happily share her story and answer any questions about her home-birth experiences.

Placenta Encapsulation: Thursday, July 9 // 7 to 8 PM // with Emily Detloff

What is a placenta and why would you ever consider consuming it? What sort of benefits can a new mom experience from her placenta? Join doula and placenta encapsulator Emily Dettloff to hear the answers to these questions and more. REGISTER ONLINE

Positive Parenting: Friday, July 10 // 7 to 8 PM // with Meghan Cox

Each age and stage of your child’s development is full of wonderful milestones…and also many challenges! Positive Parenting provides a framework for building strong parent-child relationships while raising responsible and respectful children. In this information session, we’ll discuss how to handle the challenges of parenting in a positive way and leave with some new tools for your parenting toolbox. Applicable to parents of children of all ages, we’ll cover parenting styles, principles of positive discipline, and examples of effective communication — tools and strategies. REGISTER ONLINE

Meghan Cox has always had a passion for building better communities through active citizen engagement and education. After the arrival of her children she began to focus on supporting parents through the challenges of raising children. With a background in adult education, Meghan is a trained Parent Educator and delivers workshops and courses through the Parent Education Network ( She is also an instructor with Roots of Empathy, an organization that is committed to developing empathy among children and increasing their social and emotional literacy. Meghan is now the mother of two young children, who provide her with many great anecdotes to share in her workshops and many opportunities to put Positive Discipline principles into practice!

Saturday, July 11 discussions (part of our grand opening party):

Babywearing 101: Monday, July 11 // 2 to 3 PM // with Alexandra Dennis

Discuss basic safety, types of carriers, and tips for summer babywearing. REGISTER ONLINE

Nourishment On and Off the Plate with Arija Arcequellar, 3 to 4 PM — REGISTER ONLINE

A new addition to the family is a time of magical transition, and to be the best parent we can be, we have to feel our best. Arija Arcequellar will guide us in understanding how the food on our plates affects our ability to be the best parent to our seeds of love, and also how the areas of our lives that nourish us off the plate, are essential to our children, our families, and our communities.

Soon-To-Be-Parents Discussion: Home Birth Stories, 4 to 5 PM — registration not required

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